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The arbiter of arbitrarity.

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Existentialism, baby.
adaptation, agnosticism, albert camus, anabolic frolic, anime, antiloop, aphex twin, army of darkness, atb, atheism, aurora, ayn rand, basement jaxx, bipolar disorder, bjork, braveheart, brother brown, bt, charlie kaufman, chicane, cleveland, cloud, clubbing, columbus, command and conquer, computers, cowboy bebop, dave seaman, david hume, deep dish, democracy, depression, dj micro, donnie darko, drama, drum and bass, eiffel 65, electro, electronic music, electronica, ender's game, england, enigma, equilibrium, existentialism, fatboy slim, ferry corsten, final fantasy 7, first person shooters, freespace 2, freezepop, gabriel & dresden, game boy advance, gamecube, garbage, garden state, goldeneye, gouryella, groove armada, happy hardcore, house, human rights, humanism, hybrid, idealism, in america, independent films, insomnia, instagib, jan johnston, jim carrey, judge jules, judy thomson, juno reactor, kill bill, kosheen, law, laziness, leftfield, london, loneliness, lord of the rings, love, ltj bukem, mario, massive attack, materialism, metal gear solid, metroid, minority report, mixing, moby, monism, morality, motorcycle, moulin rouge, movies, mystic river, neon genesis evangelion, nintendo, no doubt, ohio, orbital, orson scott card, paul oakenfold, paul van dyk, penelope cruz, pepsi, philosophy, pi, playstation, political science, powerman 5000, privateer 2, prodigy, progressive house, psychiatry, psychology, raves, real time strategy, requiem for a dream, role playing games, romance, sandra collins, schiller, simone muterthies, sneaker pimps, space combat sims, squarepusher, sublime, synthpop, system f, the chemical brothers, the crystal method, the fifth element, the minibosses, the orb, tiesto, tom clancy, trance, unreal tournament, video games, zelda