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I need you like a hole in my vein

Man I have spent so much money this weekend. Between the $350 for my car's new axle and brake rotors (it would have been way more if my mechanic wasn't awesome), and the nearly $40 I dropped going to Giant on Saturday night (a good time, but not $40 good; and certainly not so alone); I definitely ate up the better part of a week's pay. Oh and I strained my ankle a bit. But that's what I get for trying some experimental dacefloor shit. lol.

At least I was able to spend some quality time with Lunar Knights (DS) (which rocks) at a coffee shop. Pity I couldn't get onto their wireless network for some Mario Kart DS action.

In music news, I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of my two latest CD's.

Having heard that Basment Jaxx's Crazy Itch Radio was overly poppy and somewhat uninteresting, I passed on it for awhile. But it was more than worth $15 of a Best Buy gift certificate, and now that I've given it a few listens, I have to say, Crazy Itch Radio is even better than both Remedy and Kish Kash (two of Jaxx's previous albums). Radio is instantly accessible (hence the criticism "poppy"), but IMO, it goes back to the roots of what Basement Jaxx is best at (i.e. - "super house"), while delivering some incredible deviations from the classic Basement Jaxx formula. The two most notable examples are "On the Train", which bleeds organ-infused soul, and "Lights Go Down", which is a beautiful serenade so lovely that it rivals "Rendezvous" as one of my all-time favorite Basement Jaxx tracks. Honestly, while Crazy Itch Radio may have a more mainstream feel in some of its more polished offerings, I can't think of a better introduction to the Jaxx than Crazy Itch Radio. If you've never heard these guys, buy it, and pick up Rooty when Crazy Itch Radio leaves you with a craving for more Basement Jaxx.

The other CD I picked up, BT's This Binary Universe, is also a delight, albeit in a much more subtle way. Think of the Monster soundtrack, but add some tasteful experimental beats and even more beautiful melancholy, and then you'll have an idea of what This Binary Universe offers. It definitely whet my appetite for the sort of string-heavy classical pieces I've had a sweet tooth for lately. What can I say, at least BT can still produce, despite having a crazy ego and being the terrible DJ that he is.
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hmmm... experimental dancing... hmmmmmm
so highly recommend those two? i havent had any new CDs in a while but i'm getting more picky in my old age so i dont want to buy shit but know i still have a similar opinion to yours on your types of musics much in the way i look to jeff for movies