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24. This was not the longest day of my life.

Hmm, well that's another birthday on the books. Kind of quiet and uneventful, but that wasn't so bad. Had a good (productive) day at work, a nice dinner with the sis. Some phone calls. Can't complain, can't complain :)

Oh, and I got a Best Buy gift card which I almost used to help fund the purchase of an X-Box 360 tonight, but I'm glad I didn't after I remembered hearing about this seemingly more-than-likely-true rumor. That's right, it appears there's a second version of the X-Box 360 coming out—codenamed "Zephyr"—complete with a 120 GB hard drive, built-in HD DVD drive, HDMI output port, and shrunken processor die (which reduces overheating and the accompanying loud fans). Now, if the part of the rumor about it coming out at $400 is also true, then man is that going to be one helluva deal.

Don't I love almost getting new systems (or getting them and not opening them in the case of the Nintendo DS), and then finding out just in time that a new version of the hardware is on it's way? Patience pays. Though it will be a test to see how long I can hold onto this gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Must. Resist. Impulse. Buy. Electronics.
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