James (phasemaster) wrote,

damned cat

My sister's cat is stuck on top of a telephone pole a good 30 to 50 feet in the air. He has been there since at least this morning, with no food or water. We have no idea how the HELL he got up there.

My sister tried calling the power company, animal rescue, animal protective services, the fire department, etc. All of them explained that they cannot rescue cats from the tops of telephone poles, as it is too risky. Our only other idea is to call the local news in an attempt to highlight the incident and find someone willing to brave the clusterfuck of wires intersecting this telephone pole.

So yeah, if you have any ideas, please leave a comment. Who knows how long Tommy will survive up there.

UPDATE: Yeah, so remember how we were thinking about calling the news to try and draw attention to Tommy's plight? Well they came, and the plea for help worked, as Tommy is now safely inside our house.

Essentially, after the story aired on KCAL 9 today, a couple of cat-loving women called KCAL 9, who got them in touch with my sister. The two women pledged that they would themselves climb the pole to rescue dear Tommy. Upon arriving, the middle-aged ladies balked at how high the pole was, but still threatened to ascend the dozens of feet to rescue the kittycat if LA DWP (Department of Water and Power) did not come and save Tommy themselves. Uneasy at the prospect of having one or two middle-aged women's deaths on their hands, DWP immediately agreed to come out and get my sister's cat down. And so less than an hour ago, a DWP employee—armed with a harness and a bucket—made the perilous climb to the kitty at the top of the pole, and brought him down to safety.

It's ironic then, isn't it, that the same reason that probably prevented DWP from coming in the first place—the threat of a lawsuit—probably spurred them to action (I don't know about you, but I don't know of many successful businesses or companies that want a 50 year old woman's blood on their hands). And so I thank the KCAL 9 news team, the two women who responded to the story, and even LA DWP for finally being moved to act in the face of a frivolous lawsuit.

Isn't our country great? :P
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